Aequae is a sartorial design project born from the meeting between Salima and Victoria. We are two friends who share a wish: to create clothes and accessories deriving from an alchemic mix of personal experiences, styles and artisanal tradition while conveying the value of time. These are the foundations for us to conceive, study, and create our products.

Aequae’s dressmaking studio “without walls” is located in Milan, where everything started– and that wasn’t a coincidence. A skilful female team of pattern makers and tailors work without rushing, because care takes time. Refinement and attention to details make each creation unique. Each creation is made by re-using high-quality textiles coming from different sources: production scraps, cottons from discarded historical shirt fabrics, Flanders tablecloths, old grandmothers’ laces, soft silks and the best natural wools.

We create using and re-using what we own, according to nature and as second nature to us. This is Aequae’s philosophy. We create tailor-made garments and accessories conceived for women ranging between 14 and 99 years of age. Unique pieces with a unique style to represent the personality of the woman for whom our garments have been created.

Our garments recount the time needed for their manufacture; they reclaim the time needed for them to get old, while going beyond seasonality.