How we work

For us at Aequae, time is the most precious asset; we aim at valuing it thus placing attention back to human relationships, creativity and the Italian tailoring tradition.

At Aequae, we do it by following our inspiration, rather than fashion trends. We create unique pieces that tell us about the time needed for each garment to be manufactured; we reclaim the garment aging process, while going beyond garment seasonality.

Tailor-made garments and accessories are created re-utilising discarded fabrics, Flanders tablecloths, old grandmothers’ laces, scraps from our inventory, wonderful textiles donated or recycled from textile firms and well-loved second-hand clothes. Our wish is that these materials give life to a new creation by Aequae.

Each garment is studied and conceived knowing about the very style and attitude of the woman who will use it. We offer a style proposal created through colour schemes, textiles and details. The result is a garment portraying a conscious, sensual yet discrete femininity. Each garment mirrors the personality of the woman who will wear it.