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Aequae is a sartorial design project born from our wish to create clothes and accessories deriving from an alchemic experience of styles and artisanal tradition, while conveying the value of time.

Transgenerational garments for independent and daring women, born from a conscious, new-punk revisitation of the Made in Italy cultural heritage.


Our garments acquire charm and impact over time. They are transversal and right on all occasions.


Rigor, simplicity and personality are the features of each of our products.


Each garment is original, based on the fabrics available and the relationship with the customer.


Practicality and romanticism, rigor and femininity, quality and design are the secrets of an intelligent and sustainable wardrobe.


Our accessories are not subordinate to the dress, they are precise details that define the outfit.


A dress has the task of supporting a feeling, a way of being, without masking, and the search for fabrics is fundamental in this.

Couture@home: sustainable tailoring at home

Couture@Home is a service conceived to bring tailoring-quality directly to your home. We created it not only to be present and close to our clients but also because we believe in a slow and thought-through purchasing modality. It comes from a process of engagement and style guidance.
How does it work?

1. Choose your model
We arrange a first appointment whether in person or virtually. This is a fundamental step to get to know you, what you like, what you are passionate about, what is your story. Together with you, we choose the best model, based on your needs and your desired fit.

2. Choose your fabric
We propose three potential fabric combinations, that might include parts of a garment, valuable to you but that you no longer use. We then study how to transform it, re-imagining it as your brand new “aequae” garment, enriched by your history and grounded in what you once loved.

3. Choose the details
Once the model and the fabric combination have been determined, we will focus on the details: buttons, finishing, piping, embroidery and all what our imagination cannot foresee yet.

4. Garment delivery
Your aequae garment will be delivered at your place. When possible, we would love to deliver it ourselves because nothing gratifies us more than witnessing your first time.

5. A new beginning
Couture@Home is an experience of true elegance, connected to caring for what we own and to awareness for ourselves and what we choose to wear. We are sure that your personal aequae will be with you for years to come.

Create your tailor-made aequae: book an appointment now.


Aequae was born out of the desire to  to create clothes and accessories that are the result of an alchemy of experiences, styles and craftsmanship traditions and that reflect the value of time.

Each creation is made by re-using high-quality textiles coming from different sources: production scraps, cottons from discarded historical shirt fabrics, Flanders tablecloths, old grandmothers’ laces, soft silks and the best natural wools.

We create using and reusing what we already have. This is Aequae’s philosophy. To create tailor-made garments and accessories conceived for person between 14 and 99 years of age.

Unique pieces with a unique style that represent the wearer personality e recount the time needed for their manufacture; they reclaim the time needed for them to get old, while going beyond seasonality.

How we work

For us at Aequae, time is the most precious asset; we aim at valuing it thus placing attention back to human relationships, creativity and the Italian tailoring tradition.

At Aequae, we do it by following our inspiration, rather than fashion trends. We create unique pieces that tell us about the time needed for each garment to be manufactured; we reclaim the garment aging process, while going beyond garment seasonality.

Tailor-made garments and accessories are created re-utilising discarded fabrics, Flanders tablecloths, old grandmothers’ laces, scraps from our inventory, wonderful textiles donated or recycled from textile firms and well-loved second-hand clothes. Our wish is that these materials give life to a new creation by Aequae.

Each garment is studied and conceived knowing about the very style and attitude of the woman who will use it. We offer a style proposal created through colour schemes, textiles and details. The result is a garment portraying a conscious, sensual yet discrete femininity. Each garment mirrors the personality of the woman who will wear it.


For purchases, home-couture service, tailoring consulting, contact us.


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